Was sitting downhearted,

When depression, corona and death cases recorded.

Then ,Up the sky clouds ran in a hurry,

To enlighten a thought so blurry,

time’s a cloud on move ,

that never creates same story,

Hardships and pain are it’s glory.



What if ,

As siblings we never fought,

If Flying in the sky was never our thought,

If Falling never gave us blood clot

If glass of milk was drunk in a single shot

Then, life wouldn’t be that cool and crazy , dude 😋



That time of pressure,

by some known oppressor.

Those nights of voiceless cries,

Tears of anger in eyes,

Spoke louder to ,

deaf ears for disguise,

But their harsh replies ,

For smile that dies,

A fall from high skies

Now, memory that ties ,

Our flies from rise.